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Company formation and domiciliation services

TotalPro Services Ltd specializes in providing assistance and guidance relating to international company formation and related services in various locations worldwide.

If you require our assistance in regard of incorporation of a Cyprus company or any company in any chosen jurisdiction, kindly let us know and we will provide you with the information and documentation required to incorporate a company in Cyprus or such other jurisdiction.

Intellectual property

In an increasingly knowledge-driven business environment TotalPro Services Ltd recognizes that intellectual property is our clients’ most valuable asset.  With associate law firms and agents in Europe, we offer legal services covering all aspects of intellectual property law including searching, filing and renewing trade marks and trade names, obtaining patents and patent registrations and preventing the unauthorized use of our client’s trademarks, trade names and patents.
Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Advice on the registration and protection of intellectual property;
  • Patent, trade mark and copyright proceedings and passing off actions.
  • Restrictive trade practices; read more…

Fully furnished offices and virtual offices

You can establish your business presence in Cyprus with either a real or a virtual office solution, depending on your specific requirements.

With our office solution, your business can have:

  • A prestigious Cypriot business address for your correspondence, business cards, letterheads, corporate website, etc;
  • Dedicated telephone line, personal telephone service in Cyprus, phone answering in your company name, call forwarding and voicemail;
  • Mail collection and forwarding, dedicated fax line, copy, scanning and email services;
  • Office space, meeting rooms;
  • Your own branding and signs in your office.


Having substance nowadays is a vital tax planning tip.  The better substance you have the more solid your tax structure will be.

Management and administration

We assist with the management and administration of international companies and provide company services that are designed to guide and support the daily running of your business.

Our services include:

  • Business operational services, tailored to clients’ requirements
  • Provision of full or partial nominee structure, including shareholders, directors, secretary and legal address
  • Invoicing, payroll solutions and management
  • Mail handling on behalf of the clients


Banking services

We are the single point of contact for all your banking requests, in various European, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Caribbean countries. Banking services include:

  • Introductions to top ranked banks in various jurisdictions (EU and offshore jurisdictions)
  • Opening of corporate and personal accounts
  • Processing, coordinating and tracking money transfers and the follow up
  • Assistance with arranging credit and debit cards and on-line banking services

Legal and corporate secretarial services

Our expert corporate secretarial personnel and associate legal consultants are available to advice and provide legal business oriented services, including:

  • Preparation of all company documents such as resolutions, minutes of board meetings, powers of attorney and carrying out legalization of company documents
  • Maintain the statutory records of the company and ensure that the company meets all its legal obligations such as the filing of the annual returns to the relevant authorities
  • Assist the client in drafting contracts and agreements and provide consultancy on all legal aspects
  • Legalization of documents for future accreditation of the company
  • Liaison with the tax office for tax clearances and double tax treaty certificates
  • Registration of patents and trade marks

Audit and tax compliance services

  • Statutory audit of annual financial statements for submission to authorities, specific purpose audits and investigations
  • Internal audit function, assessing the accounting and internal controls system of a business
  • Prepare tax computations, preparation and filing of tax returns

Accounting and VAT services

  • Maintain the accounting records of the company
  • Cyprus vat registration – preparation and submission of vat returns
  • Prepare management accounts and the financial statements according to international standards
  • Financial reporting standards

Investment fund services

TotalPro Services Ltd is only a handful of providers in Cyprus with extensive knowledge of the laws and the necessary procedures for receiving a license from CySec.

Our  team of professionals are well positioned to assist with:

  • Licensing and administration of:
    • alternative investment funds manager (AIFM)
    • Alternative investment funds (AIFS)
    • Cyprus investment firms (CIF)
    • Formation and administration of non-licensed investment funds.
  • Provision of compliance officer
  • Provision of internal Audit services
  • Office set up (office space, personnel, facilities and human resource selection)

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